Three figures holding over sized tools: hammer, wrench, screwdriver
How long have you been in business?
Servicing Charleston area businesses since 2004.

Who owns Lowcountry Computing?  Do you live here?
The owners Neva Atkinson and John Stewart have worked in and with technology their entire careers.  John has been in the Charleston area since birth and Neva was imported as a teenager.  Each of the owners have 25+ years supporting businesses in the Charleston area.

How much does your services cost monthly and what does that cover?
Lowcountry Computing is a traditional IT support company not a Managed Service Provider.  We offer sales, service, and support for computers, monitors, laptops, printers, servers, firewalls, routers, switches, and software.  There are no reoccurring monthly charges for our services.  

What vertical markets and products do you focus on?
Lowcountry Computing sells solutions designed for each business’s unique needs.  We have business customers in manufacturing, finance, hospitality and tourism, legal, construction, medical, transportation, heating and air, electrical services, and many others.  We get to know our customer’s business and offer solutions to help satisfy their needs and reach goals.

Do you come to my office or remote into my computer?
Yes, on-site for many of our services and remote support when needed.

Is there anything you cannot do?
Lowcountry Computing works with other service providers to deliver solutions for Internet, phone services, and off site backup's.  We do not upcharge these services or represent the other provider.  We simply put our customers in contact with vendors we know and trust.