Check Warranty
Warranty Check

Dell Warranty & Contracts:  ​​​​​​​Warranty & Contracts | Dell US

Lenovo Warranty Lookup:  WarrantyLookup - Lenovo Support US

Remote Support
Remote Support
Remote support

LowCo Speed Test
Speed Test
Internet speed test - without all of the ads and "click here" messages

MX Toolbox
Email and Domain Tools
MX Toolbox - EMail tools for Blacklist, DMARC, SPF, and Diagnostics

Network Tools
Network Tools - Registration Lookup - Find all DNS records for a domain. - geo location, comany name, abuse contact, and more info for an ip address. - daily updated CSV of domains registered, flagged as compromised / malware

Trend Micro
Is It Safe
Is It Safe - Check a URL or Link prior to visiting the site: Trend Micro Site Safety Center
     In email or on website: Right click a link, select copy URL
     On TrendMicro page: Right click text box under "Is it safe?", select paste, Click Check Now